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Why I'm Running

We deserve a Member of Parliament that:

  • Support families through programs such as the Canada Child Benefit, $10-a-day universal childcare, and the newly created Canada Dental Benefit.

  • Understands you can have a strong and resilient economy while addressing environmental threats such as climate change and its local impact.

  • Will address the pressing affordability challenges facing many Calgarians face due to the highest inflation rates in 40 years.


Calgary Confederation needs an MP who will be a bridge between our diverse local communities and organizations and to ensure the Government of Canada advances solutions that are in the best interest of Calgarians. 


We need someone who can bridge the negative political divide and come up with sensible and realistic solutions to the complex issues we face as a city, province, and nation. We need politicians that will focus on bringing people together rather than political grandstanding that burns bridges and pits groups against each other. 


We need a Member of Parliament that will advocate for: 

  • Access to public health care, under the principles of the Canada Health Act, where all Albertans have access to health care services without having to pay out of pocket.

  • A strengthened and sustainable public transit system that will get you where you need to go, no matter where in the city that is. This includes advocating for more Green Line LRT funding to ensure the C-train line can expand north up Centre Street as soon as possible.

  • Bridging the gap in supports for low-income Canadians so they can become more stable and secure. This can be built off the Canada Workers Benefit and the Grocery Rebate which was announced in Budget 2023. 

  • Continued support for Reconciliation efforts by the Government of Canada and advancement of nation-to-nation dialogue with Indigenous communities. We must engage Indigenous communities to ensure they are provided the social and economic supports needed to address local priorities through self-determination.

  • Comprehensive public safety measures that can address increasing social disruption through the judicial and social supports systems. For social supports, this must include additional action for addictions, mental health, people experience homelessness. 

  • Expanded homecare and aging in place services to ensure our seniors can stay and contribute to their local communities for as long as possible. We also must ensure Albertan’s participation and access to the Canadian Pension Plan, which they contributed to over decades and count on as part of their retirement.

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