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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Your phone is buzzing.  It’s another Teams message, a reminder of another deadline.  Dinner is threatening to boil over and there’s a little one clinging to your hip repeating “Mommy… mommy!” over and over.  In seventeen minutes you have to be out the door with the kids on the way to practice.  Everything feels like chaos and you don’t want to think about politics, of all things.  


You’ve been so preoccupied with the day-to-day that the feeling in the pit of your stomach - am I doing enough? - is threatening to overwhelm you.  The environment, addressing climate change, community  supports, and what will happen to your aging parents if they can’t stay in their own home any longer… each of these issues needs a solution, but any single one of them seems like too BIG of a problem.  You can’t tackle this alone.  No one can.


Kara Levis has been there.  And she needs your help to action solutions to the problems that are increasingly plaguing Canadian families.


Kara is a commercial lawyer with 15 years experience negotiating complex deals within the energy sector including a focus on renewable energy.  Married with four school-aged daughters, Kara is familiar with the challenges of balancing a busy family life with career and personal priorities.  Kara and her husband Rob have raised their kids in the same home in Calgary Confederation since 2008.


Kara was the recipient of the Women in Law Leadership Award for “Tomorrow’s Leader” in 2017 and received a Young Women in Energy award in 2018.  From 2016-2018 Kara served on the National Board of the Liberal Party of Canada as the Chair of the National Women’s Liberal Commission and has held a variety of roles with the Calgary Confederation Liberal Electoral District Association, including Chair, Policy Chair and Organization Chair.  Kara has managed a number of election campaigns at the federal, provincial leadership and municipal levels. 


Kara has a B.A. Honours in English Literature with a second major in French from the University of Victoria and received her law degrees (LL.B. and B.C.L.) from McGill University. She is fluent in French.

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